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The Delerme Group has vast experience as a full-scope financial service organization. In our role as a service provider to our client’s needs, we are experts in organizing their business’s financial information to prepare federal-state tax returns for whatever project or contract they may be on. We help them organize accounting data, prepare accounting reports, and prepare federal-state tax returns. We are also well versed in all compliance requirements that businesses of all sizes will need to follow. In the case of compliance, requirements typically come from the state or federal tax agencies that require tax compliance in order to operate. Our challenge completing work of this scope lies in the timing and deadline of the work in which the information needs to be gathered and organized over a period of months and spanning whatever various projects that our clients will present us with. We have no problem executing on long term projects such as this and our clients have sung our praises time and time again.

When performing our services and making sure all accounting is tracked and acted on accordingly, our goal is to also educate our clients on what the rules and regulations are for their own financial competency. We do this to provide everyone we work with a better level of financial education when they leave our office than what they had when they walked in. We want every project we touch to be better off when we leave than when we get there, and our clients will vouch for our proficiency in providing that service. In terms of project complexity, we are professionals in knowing what accounting rules say about specific industries in which our clients operate. We have to understand the rules and regulations of brokers in each financial market as well as the GAAP rules, and multi-state tax rules. We also provide full payroll services, W-2 1099s, 940s, 941s for employment and tax forms, and also execute the full payroll cycle. We are also well versed in handling accounting issues for customers in “tip-based” economies that may have to calculate tips, high turnover, and employment services.

While providing services to our clients we take care to determine how the information affects tax compliance and keeps our customers in line with what works best for them and their employee’s finances. To complete this task, we follow GAAP-related and tax-oriented procedures; we utilize technology and staff work. We conduct all research possible to understand and get to know our client’s company objectives so that we can provide a custom, holistic package for their business as they can be sure that we not only understand the requirements, but we understand their culture as well. We utilized tax software, accounting software, research tools, publications, public internal revenue services, accounting and audit software to combine the information into the most comprehensive package possible.

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